How Oxy’Pharm’s Nocotech Passed with Distinction at University of Cambridge’s Biomedical Laboratories

The University of Cambridge’s Biomedical Services have a new bio facility which operates Containment Level 3 (CL3) laboratories.

They handle human pathogens that can cause serious or life-threatening disease.

Biosecurity of such premises are overseen by the HSE – who state that a disinfection process must demonstrate repeatable efficacy against highly resistant endospores.

The Biomedical Team’s previous HPV (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour) fogging system used a 35% concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) but this was causing blistering and, in some instances, stripping paint off the walls.

Recommendation came from world-leading manufacturer of wall coatings, Sika – that Oxy’Pharm’s HPV system is approved on warranty for use with Sikagard (the paint used in the bio facility).

So, they contacted Oxy’Pharm to see if their system may prove as efficacious as their current system, but just as importantly, didn’t show any detrimental effect to the bespoke wall coating

Subsequently, Oxy’Pharm’s Nocotech HPV system was meticulously tested and delivered a repeated Log 6 (or greater) reduction againstGeobacillus in both room space and HVAC – with NO DAMAGE to the paintwork.

(Geobacillus is chosen for testing as it is a pathogen known to have some resistance to H2O2 – and therefore provides an incredibly stern test to any HPV equipment being assessed).

Upon completion of such demanding tests, University of Cambridge’s Researchers produced scientific poster to present their findings.

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