Kind words from some of our clients

“With the Oxypharm a four-bedded bay takes one and a half hours, with the machine running for just one minute. Sluices need just 30 seconds of machine running time. The machines are light in weight, easy to move around the hospital on the trollies. We’ve used the Oxypharm's hundreds of times without any problems. Patients sometimes ask us what we’re doing and when we tell them they’re re-assured.”

Alan Banks

A member of the 'fogging' team

``We had been using HPV fogging units as part of the trust decontamination process for some time. As part of this we deliver a ward decant programme whereby we decant, deep clean and biodecontaminate the equivalent of 40 to 50 wards per year. While the system we had was effective the machines were relatively large and not easy to move around. Within the trust we operate a proactive and a reactive service. We were looking for a portable and easily transportable solution to make the hospital fogging process easier and to enable us to offer the service to the community. The small and light weight Oxypharm units from Innotec Hygiene Solutions have the efficacy we need. The portable nature of the product has been key to enabling us to provide services across the trust and to the wider community. They are easy to use and the process is quick too. The time element is critical to all hospitals. Using the fogging units, the teams are able to return an area to the clinical staff very quickly, ensuring patient flow is not adversely affected.”

Graeme Kelly

Operations Quality and Decontamination Manager

``The machines are easy to use and easy to get from A to B, which is important in a large Hospital like this. The machines are very straightforward. They’re marked to indicate the setting required for side rooms and four-bedded bays - the areas that are most regularly treated with HPV. From pressing the button to being able to reenter the area it’s just 34 minutes. We’ve done regular sampling and testing to ensure the timing and levels are correct. The machines are a lot easier to use than the ones we had. They get the job done and give us the timing we needed. When we do a theatre we use two machines set at a higher level``

Jackie Kinsella

Housekeeping Supervisor

“I wanted to say some kind words about Innotec as it has been a pleasure working along side them. With the need to provide a faster turnaround for bed spaces we had to find an easier process. We undertook some market research and looked at what was out there. The criteria we were looking for was that the equipment had to be easy to use, portable and simple to operate, allowing the housekeeping assistants as well as supervisors to operate it. With a proven efficacy to kill bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi, the Oxypharm airborne disinfection system appeared to ‘fit the bill’ exactly. We tested some Oxypharm machines in a side room and an empty ward, using test strips and sampling. The trust now has eight Oxypharm machines, they were a success``

Simon Sharpe

Facilities Manager Housekeeping Services

“As we’re able to turn rooms around more quickly it eases bed pressures in the trust. Oxypharm is efficient and effective. Each machine is a third of the price of the larger hydrogen peroxide equipment we were using previously, so it makes economic sense too. The overall running costs with the chemicals show savings too. The system also fitted in with the Health & Safety policies and procedures that we had already created for the management of hydrogen peroxide``

Ellen Ashton

Hotel Services Manager

“It does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ve found we can turn a four-bedded bay with an en suite round in an hour. The curtain goes to the laundry, and we do a normal deep clean using the chlorine releasing agent with a disposable cloth. One of the decontamination team sets up the machine and it does its work. It’s given us the ability to have an enhanced deep clean service, with minimal disruption in the ward areas. I believe it has a positive effect in reducing the spread of norovirus in our ward areas and helps prevent its return``

Helen Forrest

Lead Nurse, Infection Prevention and Control

``We had funds available from our clients, and wanted to ensure it was spent wisely. We visited other hospitals that were using various types of HPV systems and machines, and spoke to the teams about their experiences - the cost and time factors. We found some were very expensive and time-consuming. We’re a busy hospital and can’t afford for an area to be out of commission for up to four hours while it is decontaminated. We came across Oxypharm HPV and learned that it cost considerably less than other systems. Neill Simmons, of Oxypharm’s UK distributor Innotec Hygiene Solutions brought in a machine and we did some trials in an empty four-bedded bay with all the normal furniture and an en suite. We ‘hid’ some indicator strips in what are typically hard to reach areas when doing a deep clean - bed mechanism, curtain track, plug hole, shower head, bedside drawer, for example. The Oxypharm unit was placed in one corner and the door of the en suite left open. Once the room area had been entered it took about six minutes for the actual HPV dry gas dispersal process and about 45 minutes for the contact time. That’s all it needs to do its magic. So in an hour the room was ready to be used. It’s quick and easy to use and reasonably priced. The consumables are cost-effective too - especially when compared with other suppliers we investigated``

Jackie Marriott

General Manager Facilities

``The porters had to move the HPV machines we originally used, which were heavy and awkward to transport. They were large and constantly breaking down due to coming to the end of their serviceable life. The new machines are so straightforward to use and portable, they make it very easy. After working with the other equipment you think ‘this can’t be all there is to it, it’s too easy’. It’s small, which is very important and so easy to use`` - Kirsty<br /> ``A bay, once cleaned, can take just two hours. The nursing staff can’t believe it can be done so quickly and efficiently. We have a good working relationship with domestics and infection prevention and control`` - Sharon

Sharon & Kirsty

Ward Hygieneists