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Oxy'Pharm Nocospay 2 for Innotec


Developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that transforms and emits the Nocolyse range of chemicals into a non-corrosive, non allergenic, biodegradable gas – with no residue.

The Nocospray and Nocolyse concept offers a new generation of fully automated ‘no touch’ room decontamination based on hydrogen peroxide. Proven and approved effectiveness against flying and crawling insects plus bed bugs with costs among the lowest on the market.

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• Remote control as standard

• Validated to Norm NF T 72281 (2014)

• Target room volume range 10-1000m3

• Economical operational cost

• Quick process time

• Easy to use

• Tracking Facility

• Proven efficacy across pathogen spectrum

• Low purchase cost

• Minimal chemical consumption

• Lightweight (6KG) and portable

• Sensibly priced service and maintenance

Purchase Information

Nocospray 2 (as illustrated) – 2000.001

Silver Cover Option – add code 3000.100
Ladybird Design Cover Option – 2001.001

Nocomax easy


Developed around the same innovative technology as the Nocospray for significantly larger target room volumes up to 20,000 cubic metres. To be used with all Nocolyse and Insecticide chemicals in the range using 20L drums which are housed within.

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• Treats volumes between 500 and 20,000m3

• Similar operational benefits to the Nocospray

• Comparative low purchase cost

• Easy to use finger touch operation

• Multi directional Venturi (diffusion point)

• Sensibly priced servicing and maintenannce

• Wheeled for ease of transportation

• LED indicates progression of treatment or malfunction

• Touchpad control

• Easy to programme

• Simple start/stop button procedure

Nocomax- how it works

Nocomax Easy:

500-20,000m3 – Purchase code 3100.100

To only be used with Nocolyse Disinfectants and OXYPY and OXPY+ Insecticides – 20L containers

Nocolyse Neutral 20L – 4000.020
Nocolyse Mint 20L – 4001.020
Nocolyse One Shot 20L – 4010.020

Nocolyse Nocodor 20L  – 4030.020
OXYPY 20L – 4200.020
OXYPY+ 20L – 4230.020

Oxy'Pharm wall mounted spray
Oxy'Pharm wall adapter


Enables the use of Nocospray as a fixed appliance. Delivers the same airborne automated diffusion of decontamination products as the portable Nocospray but from a permanent wall siting.

Ideal for use in transport, single use applications where storage may be an issue or where plug in power source is not permitted or available (e.g. washroom/toilet areas).

Wall Mounted Nocospray is available in two versions:
• Mounted on the wall of the target treatment room – as pictured left (top)
• External wall mounted with wall crossing system – as pictured left (bottom)

The Wall Mounted Nocospray with Wall Crossing System is fixed to the wall outside the target treatment area and diffused via the wall cross hose and through to target area.

Designed for use in some medical vehicles where internal and external wall are separated with a cavity in which the device is placed.

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Both Wall Mounted Nocospray’s are available in two volume capacity options: 10–250m3 & 50–1000m3

Wall Mounted Nocospray is available as:
10-250m3 – purchase code 3009.061.
50-1000m3 – purchase code 3009.063.

Wall Mounted Nocospray with Wall Cross System is available as:
10-250m3 – purchase code 3009.071.
50-1000m3 – purchase code 3009.073.

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