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The Oxy’Pharm System For airborne Decontamination and Disinfestation procedures

Oxy'Pharm Nocospray and refills


• Hospital wards, departments, operating theatres, side rooms, toilets & public areas

• Transport – Air, Sea, Trains, Health inc. Linen

• Doctor and Dental surgery waiting rooms

• Prison and Police custody cells

• Veterinary medicine/breeding

• Nursing homes and Residential care

• Leisure and Hospitality

• Pharmaceutical Industry

• Areas of infestation

• Food Manufacturing & Preparation areas

• Medical Equipment & Device decontamination

• Hatcheries

Oxy'Pharm Machine Range

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Nocospray 2

Used to treat areas from 10 to 1000m3

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Nocomax Easy

Used to treat areas from 500 to 20,000m3

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Nocomax DeLux

Similar design and volume to ‘Easy’ but with advanced technology features


Checklist 4

Affordable, automated no touch Airborne decontamination

Checklist 3

Validated Efficacy Bactericidal, Sporicidal, Virucidal & Fungicidal According to European standards and Independent test data

Checklist 1

Ticking all the boxes for Infection Control and Decontamination procedures

Oxy'Pharm Disinfectant Range

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Nocolyse Neutral

Used for preventative treatments (neutral, mint fragrance or essentials oils to remove odours)

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Nocolyse One Shot

Used for curative treatments

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Nocolyse Food

Used for preventative & curative treatments of areas coming into contact with food


Checklist 4

Affordable, Automated, No Touch Airborne Disinfestation

Checklist 3

Validated termination of Cockroach, Silverfish, Mosquito, House Fly, Wasp, Dust mite, Scabies mite, bed bugs and their nymphs

Checklist 1

Flash effect for immediate treatment and designed for remnant effect too

Oxy'Pharm Insecticide Range

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For flying or crawling insects and acarids including scabies

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For bed bugs and their larvae

Quality Monitoring Kit

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Measures the presence of H2O2

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Tests presence of microorganisms

Accessories Range

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