Automated Airborne Decontamination for Food Processing Areas

DRY GAS diffusion of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE delivering SAFE Biodegradable, Homogenous, Non corrosive, Disinfection to ALL surfaces, equipment and machinery which come into contact with food.

Fully automated – remote control deployment.

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Nocolyse Food – Developed by Oxy’Pharm for bespoke Food area decontamination.

Bacteria, Spores, Fungus and Viruses; Pathogens which offer numerous challenges to Food Processing environments and in many cases survive manual and mechanical cleaning processes where eradication is rarely assured. The combination of Nocotech diffusion appliances and Nocolyse Food disinfectant delivers automated airborne surface decontamination utilising validated Hydrogen Peroxide technology enabling the destruction of all pathogens with no creation of germ resistance. Biodegradable, no residue or odour and totally safe for the environment


Minimum Risk

Minimises the risk of food contamination.


Fast Treatment

Safe access back to treated area from just 30 minutes.


Impressive Log Reduction

Validated efficacy
according to NF T 72-281 norm (2014)

Nocotech and Nocolyse Food by Oxy’Pharm

Developed around a heating and ionizing turbine that transforms and emits the Nocolyse disinfectant into a non-corrosive, non allergenic, Biodegradable gas – with no residue.

Nocotech offers a choice of diffusion appliance dependent on the volume of target area:

• Nocospray – Diffusion capacity: 10 – 1000m3
• Nocomax – Diffusion capacity: 500 – 20,000m3


Simplicity of use

Enter target area volume on the touch pad and you are ready to go.


Safe use around electrical equipment

Dry gas delivery ensures compatibility.


No post diffusion action required

Once process is complete, area is back in use.


Remote Control Deployment

Safely activated outside target area even when not visible to operator


Nocospray weighs only 6KG

Portable & versatile.


Ideally suited for CIP procedures

Diffusion reaches all exposed areas with tester strips to prove contact.

Efficiency validated elimination of pathogens including:
• Listeria monocytogenes
• Campylobacter spp.
• Aspergillus spp.
• Pseudomonas spp.
• Norovirus
• H1N1 (swine flu)

The Oxy'Pharm concept brings maximum simplification to surface and air disinfection via
a 3 stage process:

High Speed diffusion

Desiccation of Nocolyse forming a dry gas.

Ionisation of free radicals

Increase of the bacterial effect.

Change to permeability of pathogen membrane

Leading to self destruction

Nocotech/Nocolyse Food concept

Disinfection of premises and equipment

Dairy – Including Cheese, Yoghurt & Milk based desserts

Fish and Sea Food – fresh and frozen

Processed food production – e.g. cooked meats, ready-made meals, sandwiches etc


Catering Companies

Confectionary and biscuit manufacturing

Dry processes – e.g. Herb & spice production

Jam/Preservative production

Industrial Kitchens – e.g. Hospitals/Schools

General areas – Preparation, Cooling, Packaging, Storage

Industrial Fridges

Spiral Chillers

Brewery & Beverage production

Food transportation

Hatcheries & Broiler sheds

Disinfection takes place everywhere including areas inaccessible for regular treatment.

Dry gas delivery = No post
treatment rinsing required

Bespoke ‘Food Area’ decontamination

NO silver stabiliser content in compliance with European regulations.

An ecological alternative to current disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium compounds

Impressive log reduction efficacy.

In line with the European Biocidal Regulation (BPR) Nocolyse Food is proven:





A closer look into the Nocotech range

Nocospray 2 – Diffusion capacity: 10 – 1000m3


Perfect for smaller areas


Portable and lightweight


Get started right away

Nocomax – Diffusion capacity: 500 – 20,000m3


Suitable for large surface areas


Very easy to manoeuvre


Innovative touchpad system

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Frequently asked questions

All requirements from customers in the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland) will be supplied either direct from Innotec or via one of our Regional Distributor partners.

Contact us below for supply information in your area.

We are happy to quote for the supply of Nocotech – first we need to establish the name of your business, the nature of your business (e.g. End User or Managed Service Provider) and head office address.

You can send us this information on our contact form below.

All first time purchasers of Nocospray or Nocomax devices are entitled to a free case of 6x1ltr Nocolyse Food disinfectant during the promotional period.

Please request the free case on your Purchase Order stating promotional code: ‘NFLP001’. This will then be shipped with your other requirements and show as a zero balance on your invoice.

This is totally dependent on the size of target area in cubic metres and if you are administering a preventative or curative process.

There are two activities to consider when looking at the overall time for a decontamination to take place – firstly is the diffusion time of the dry gas disinfection into the target area and secondly is the settlement phase where the gas is terminating pathogens which then enters a natural degradation phase until there is no Hydrogen Peroxide present in the area and then safe to enter.

All the above may be fully explained and calculated for you by a Supplier representative at your request.

For all industries using Nocotech and any Nocolyse Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectant – it is imperative that an appropriate gas sensor device is used to measure the PPM (parts per million) content of a treated room prior to allowing anyone access who is not protected by the correct Personal Protective Equipment. Absolute conformity to the HSE EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits must be adhered to. This information is available on the HSE website and also forms an integral part of the training programme offered to purchasing customers. Sensor devices bespoke to Hydrogen Peroxide detection are available for sale by Innotec which includes training in their use.

No. Once the target area is deemed safe to enter there is no other process required. The dry gas delivery ensures all surfaces and equipment have no residue which is also why nothing needs to be removed from a target area prior to diffusion other than exposed food and people. Accordingly, there is no risk of corrosion or damage even to high technology equipment.

What our customers have to say

Kees Tuijp - Klaas Puul production facilityWil Jansen - Excellent AGF production facilityFerry Stevens - FEBO FabriekHugo ter Hoeve - Simpel DesinfecterenWil Jansen, Houwers GroupHuub Deckers, Bakkerij DeckersEd Fuchten, OlivaEd Fuchten, Oliva Ragnhild Visser-Vijfvinkel, Kaandorp Cheese
“There was not a single germ to be seen”
Kees Tuijp - Klaas Puul production facility
“The tests have shown that Nocospray is a good addition to our cleaning programme”
Wil Jansen - Excellent AGF production facility
“That would make a huge difference in terms of time and labour, and hence money. Plus it would eliminate the risk of human error; Nocospray’s dry vapour gets literally everywhere.”
Ferry Stevens - FEBO Fabriek
“Can you disinfect a room at the touch of a button? Yes you can!”
Hugo ter Hoeve - Simpel Desinfecteren
“Another major advantage is that it prevents the growth of mould in the air socks and air cooling systems.”
Wil Jansen, Houwers Group
“Based on using Nocospray twice a week I saw a reduction in moulds and bacteria in general”
Huub Deckers, Bakkerij Deckers
“The microbiological results can be described as tremendous. The system works perfectly”
Ed Fuchten, Oliva
“I also consider it important that the agent is biodegradable and does not leave behind any residues, so it’s not necessary to rinse the machines and conveyors afterwards.”
Ed Fuchten, Oliva
“Nocospray lived up to my expectations. It offers considerable time savings.”
Ragnhild Visser-Vijfvinkel, Kaandorp Cheese

If you are interested in Nocotech and Nocolyse Food, Please get in touch below.



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