Who are Innotec Hygiene Solutions?

Innotec Hygiene Solutions Limited is a key provider of Innovative Technology offering hygienic solutions to a broad spectrum of environments through a strategically assembled product portfolio.

Established in December 2011 – Innotec was nominated as Oxy’Pharm’s Distributor Partner for Great Britain. Based on the outskirts of Paris, Oxy’Pharm are manufacturers of biological materials and products for automated surface disinfection as well as insect termination.

The core to the Oxy’Pharm range is the Nocospray/Nocolyse combination.
Nocospray (the diffusion appliance) is developed around a heating and ionizing turbine. The Nocolyse range is a set of biodegradable disinfectant products based on hydrogen peroxide boosted with silver or ascorbic acid. Used predominantly in medical and pharmaceutical environments, the range has a full spectrum of activity proven as being bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal, as per current standards. Once diffused, the product becomes a dry gas (particles as small as 5μ) that allows total, homogeneous and non-corrosive action on all surfaces, even electronic ones.

Upon formation of key alliances with its own Regional Distributor partners, ensuring localised National coverage, Innotec commenced marketing initially into the Healthcare sector.

By February 2012 the first Nocospray machines were supplied into the brand new Queen Elizabeth Hospital of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust who now operate 10 systems throughout their site. This was swiftly followed by 20 machines being purchased by the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust who remain the single largest user of the system in the UK.

Subsequent years has seen the Oxy’Pham system grow into one of the premier decontamination systems within the Healthcare field with a large number of prominent NHS Trusts now taking advantage of the systems numerous benefits. Such attributes have also been recognised by other market sectors as the Nocospray/Nocolyse combination is ideal for use in Pharmaceutical, Transportation, GP surgeries, Veterinary practices and Hospitality markets to name but a few.

Additional to the Nocolyse products, the Oxypy range was launched in 2014. A fully effective group of insecticides that act against all flying and crawling pests also eradicating scabies, dust mites and bed bugs.

In 2015 the Oxy’Pharm range was further enhanced with the launch of Nocolyse Food – a bespoke decontamination application for the use in food production and areas coming into contact with food diffused by the same Nocospray technology.

In November 2015 an announcement was made to the market by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) and Oxy’Pharm regards the Glosair 400 hydrogen peroxide based airborne decontamination system. ASP advised their customer base that they were discontinuing sales of the Glosair 400 machines and that Oxy’Pharm was to take over the global distribution of the consumables (Glosair 400 chemical cartridges). As Oxy’Pharm’s nominated distributor partner for Great Britain, Innotec added the Glosair 400 cartridges to its range and has since been shipping to the wide customer base of existing Glosair users. Subsequently Innotec now distributes to probably the largest total number of airborne decontamination machines in the country.

2017 saw significant product development by Oxy’Pharm. Nocospray 2 was launched in the spring and the next generation of Glosair machine was proudly on display at the IPC Conference, Manchester in the Autumn. Additional to the new machines will be two new state of the art accessory products to compliment the range throughout 2018-19 enhancing the overall operational performance and end user experience.

As well as End User sales of the Oxy’Pharm range (either direct or via Regional Distributor partners) Innotec also works with Managed Service providers who use the system as a part of their decontamination service – feel free to contact us for more information.

We look forward to sharing our exciting journey with you and ask that you please get in touch with us should you require any further information on any aspect of the Innotec Hygiene Solutions range.

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